• Software

    Packet Tracer, Ubuntu, and GNOME Boxes
  • Hardware

    Steam Deck


In this project, I orchestrated the implementation of an SMTP-enabled network infrastructure using Packet Tracer, focusing on enabling SMTP functionality, configuring IP addresses for two PCs, setting up a DNS server, and establishing an email server. The primary objective was to facilitate email communication within the network while ensuring efficient data transmission. Initially, I assigned static IP addresses to the two PCs, ensuring proper network addressing. Subsequently, I configured a DNS server to enable hostname resolution and facilitate domain-based email communication. I also set up an email server, configuring SMTP protocols for outgoing email transmission. The servers were interconnected with a switch, ensuring smooth data flow between them and the PCs. In the project, I tested the network configuration, verifying email functionality. This project showcased the successful integration of SMTP services into a small network environment using Packet Tracer.


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